Yes, I let my daughter do my makeup.

Sometimes I can be a lazy ass. Sometimes when my kids want me to play, I pretend I am doing something else (well, sometimes I am) in hopes they forget about playing with me so I can just relax. I feel like a horrible person for doing that but honestly, I just want to sit on the chair and watch TV for the first 30 minutes of free time I have after I get home and cook.

I have had so many people die around me lately and it makes you appreciate life a bit more when that happens. Sometimes it makes you appreciate it a lot more and your life starts to shift. Things became more important to you, you make more time for people and to do things…some things that even scare you. And that’s all great but we need to stop waiting for someone to die or for a life altering event to make us appreciate what we have and who we have.

I made a promise to myself months ago that I would no longer be a lazy ass if I didn’t need to do, I would do more and pay more attention to my kids rather than my phone or sitting on my ass. I will go on dates and take a small weekend road trip – because I can! We don’t want to be regretting things in the end. I know being lazy is nice but get out and enjoy what this world has to offer, take the time to be with the people you love and the people you could love in the future because you don’t know how long you have and to be regretful in the end for doing things you didn’t but 100% could have, is not a fulfilled life.

I pledge to love others and myself more; something that I have been neglecting. I have pushed people away when I should give them a chance – because of fear. Fear is a huge reason why we don’t do (or do) so many things that don’t serve us properly. When you push the fear away and you let life happen the way it should, when you let the opportunities and positivity come through those doors, life becomes a lot more amazing. Life is scary but life is also really awesome. Think about our lives now compared to those in the past – think about how much cool stuff we have, how many great adventures we can go on and things we can see. There is a limitless amount of awesomeness in this world and for us to not take advantage of it is a disservice to ourselves.

Smile more, say thank you, help others, stop watching the news, stop shit talking people, stop making excuses. All of these are great ways to start feeling better and making that shift – you start to appreciate things easily and it doesn’t take someone dying to do so. You define your own life and every day is a new day to start over. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

I experimented with this in a small way a couple of nights ago when my 6 year old saw me putting on makeup. She asked if she could put some on then asked if she could put some on me. My first instinct and reaction was HELLO NO! Though no one would see what my face could look like, I was just being a miserable person – didn’t want to have to wash my face…again. What a stupid reason not to bond with your child. It’s something I will only experience with her a few times in my life and there really is no excuse not to. I keep thinking to myself,

“Why not? What’s the big deal? If something were to happen to my daughter and I was never able to see her again, I would hate myself and my heart would be broken just because I didn’t want to wash my face or take 30 minutes out of peaceful time in order to play with her” (or whatever reason it might be).

And hey, you can see I looked like a maniac after our adventure was finished but it’s something I am so glad I did – it was a lot of fun. This outlook on life, the positive outlook, the adventurous outlook, the loving outlook is a game changer and no matter what life throws at you, you can figure it out and there will be no regrets…

Except for last weekend when I decided to bleach my hair just to die it back to a brown colour the day after. Now I look like a damn spotted hyena!

You decide on the direction of your own life.

If each person could count on all of their fingers where they had to make decisions, we’d be a massive, hundred foot rolling balls of fingers. I think anyone over the age of 30 would be. Decision are a part of life and a part of everything you do.

Do you do the laundry today?
Do you shower tonight?
Do you strike up a conversation with the cute guy beside you?
Do you have a bubble bath or a shower?
Do you sit or stand?
Do you turn the TV on or sit in silence?

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