What are your dreams telling you?

Abraham-Hicks explains that dreams are an indication on your vibration which is an indication to what you are attracting. In the past, I have had some wicked odd dreams. I would go out and buy dream books and try and figure out what was going on in my life, based upon those. But then after doing some analysis of each of those books, most had different meanings for the same dream. That’s when I put the dream books in the recycling bin and just started to write my dreams down just for the fun of it. I noticed the more I wrote my dreams down, the more I remembered until I my dreams became so vivid that I could remember even the smallest details.

A lot of my dreams were all over the place and then hearing from Abraham, what they meant and what to take from them, it all made sense. A lot of my life, I have been all over the place when it comes to dreams. I wake up going, “What the hell was that all about?” When I would tell me friends those dreams, they’d give me a look like I needed to go into a mental asylum…and I couldn’t blame them! But my dreams were reflecting my life and the road I was headed down. I wasn’t able to keep into one direction, I was going in 1,800 different directions, as were my dreams.

Old news. But very interesting, I must say. Let’s focus on this dream I had recently.

Oh, and if you want to hear the video on Abraham speaking about dreams, I posted a TikTok on it which is located here.

Two mornings ago, I woke up remembering that I had the best idea. The feeling of that idea made me so excited, so happy, so joyful. But I couldn’t remember what it was. I kept going back to what I did the night before, remembering where I had this idea and it all lead back to my chair on my couch. But there is a very highly possibility that I passed out while watching TV. The thing is, if this was a dream, it was a split-second dream and that is all it was. All I remember is (possibly waking up) saying “omg I have to write that idea down!” but I didn’t. This all makes me feel as though it really was a dream. But I was killing myself yesterday trying to figure out what that idea was.

But then I remembered that Abraham talks about focusing on the feeling of when you wake up from that dream. What is the feeling? What is the emotion assoicated to that dream? That’s the key. So when I woke up, I was SO happy with this amazing idea that I had. It was kind of like when I had a reoccurring dream of winning the lottery. I was just so happy, the emotions that I felt inside the dream and after the dream were…AMAZING!

I am excited to see what is coming for me in the future. I am anticipating a lot of great things. And if I am having dreams like this, I can only assume great things are coming.

Last night I recall having a dream about being in a bar – the pieces of that dream are slowly fading as the hours go by, but I suppose the details don’t necessarily matter. But if I think about how I felt about the dream after I woke up, I felt pretty calm, happy and interested. I woke up kind of feeling like I was ready, things were moving. And then I really woke up after shaking my head and thought, “Well, that was interesting.”

I really want to create a page all about my dreams. I am sure people would have mixture of laughs, headshakes and “wtf!?” moments by listening to them. 😀

Sincerely, Christine

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