Really f*cking happy for no reason

Have you ever gotten a random burst of excitement or happiness for no reason at all?

It wasn’t until years ago after learning about law of attraction and how to really let go of things, appreciate things more, appreciate where you are at and look forward to what’s about to come, that I finally found myself in this place of happiness for no reason.

The first time I felt this, I was driving down a long stretch of road in the city, it was a bit of a hill that I was going down and all of a sudden, this burst of happiness came through me. I was so happy, I couldn’t explain it. I had this overwhelming sense of excitement for where I was at in my life (and there wasn’t anything super exciting happening to me at that point in life) and it was so powerful that my eyes started to hurt a bit and tears started flowing out of my eyes.

I embraced the moment, not trying to think too much as to what in the world was happening to me. That burst of pure happiness had lasted about a minute and though the momentum of that excitement had slowed down over the next few minutes, it was like I was in this other world. As humans, I don’t think we get to experience this feeling for no reason, very often. I felt super lucky in that moment to be able to feel that. I remember audibly squealing, “I fucking love my life. This is amazing.” and then a whole lot of other internal dialogue and thoughts after that.

Had I reached the point in which I had been striving for over the years listening to the teachings of Abraham? Had I finally felt what it was like to be in my vortex? I was totally in the receiving mode of that flow of pure positive energy that I had been reading about for years, that was for damn sure.

That day was the start of many more days to come, of feeling random jolts excitement, joy and happiness for absolutely no reason at all; it’s been two years since that first day and though most days are not filled with tears of excitement for no reason, I’ve noticed recently that there have been more days than not, that I have been dancing around my house because of happiness for no reason at all. I wish I could explain these feelings. I wish I could record myself walking around and you get a view of exactly what I do when that uncontrollable feeling goes through me. It’s odd, as a person who has gone through the past few decades (omg I feel old) feeling blah and somewhat depressed and anxiety ridden, that now I have found myself doing the happy dance for no reason at all.

Thinking back, by doing the work to try and focus on the positives over the negatives and being as deliberate as I can to letting resistance go in my everyday life, has brought me to this point in my life. I have been through my fair share of “shit” just like all of us but I have been able to find the key to getting myself unstuck. It wasn’t a ‘snap your fingers and now I am happy’ type thing, it took a couple of years of work to be aware of my emotions and snap myself out of negative thinking, in order to get here and now that I am here, it is a whole heck of a lot easier to keep myself in happy mode, or shall I say, appreciation mode and things are a whole lot easier and fun for me.

I wish everyone could feel this. I wish it was a snap of the fingers thing. And to be honest, I have not mastered this process. Yesterday I lost my shit because my daughter is having an issue with what I call now, an old friend from her class (she’s 10) and it’s drama, and then my son left his lunch bag somewhere and hasn’t got a clue where he left it – I just bought the thing! I have my days, I have my moments but, in those days and moments, being able to catch myself and remind myself that I need to refocus, has been the key to not letting those 2 minutes of frustration or anger, lead into an entire day of situations that fill me with more frustration and anger.

I wrote this as my first post because just 15 minutes ago, I finished a happy dance. As I danced, I was watching myself in the mirror thinking, “if people saw you, they’d think you’re a nut bar.” But that’s OK because I’d rather be happy for no reason and dancing about it than being someone watching me who miserable complaining about someone being happy for no reason and dancing because of it.

Sincerely, Christine

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